788 On The Sea

788 On The Sea

788 On The Sea

The city of Lagos is fast gaining a reputation with its food innovation.

I have been dining at some of the city’s best restaurants for some time now, and I must say it has been quite an experience.

I think there is a restaurant revolution happening in the city of Lagos, and this revolution has seen many of the best restaurants sprouting like mushrooms all over the place, and for those of you who are just as bad as I am, you need to go check out 788 On The Sea! don’t even dull yourself on this one.

Located by the sea, at the Twinwaters Entertainment Centre, within the Lekki axis of Lagos State, 788 On The Sea as the name suggests, is sitting right beside the gorgeous view of the sea. The name was birthed from the actual number of the property, N0. 788 and from the obvious fact that it is sitting by the sea. brilliant, I’ll say!

Officially opened to the public on the 1st day of June 2018, 788 On The Sea is a Mediterranean seafood fine dining restaurant.

It has such a grand atmosphere. The beaming ceilings and the eclectic décor work wonders for the ambiance. The inside area is warm and inviting whereas the outside, surrounded by the sea, its waves and the sunlight reflecting its occasional twinkle on the calm splashes in the water, is a view to live for.

788 On The Sea has a bar by the corner with a lot of liqueurs if you decide to swing that way. wink!

What I had,

Crab Cakes With Herbs Salad

A simple dish, I will say but packed with so much deliciousness. The bright colors of the vegetables peeking through made it a feast for my eyes as well as my stomach. The consistency of the crab cakes was excellent and it tasted really good.

Grilled Salmon Green Puree With Mushroom

The presentation of this dish was simply gorgeous. I love how the grilled salmon sits off the center so all the components can be seen. I was blown away even before I could have a bite. It was such a beauty. Upon digging in, the flavor from the tender Salmon balanced the rich color of the puree together with the perfectly cooked mushrooms beside it. I loved every bite. It was executed perfectly

Crab Soup

This tomato-based crab soup is one meal you shouldn’t miss here. It is the real deal! This was actually the highlight of my dining experience at 788 On The Sea. The broth was really tasty and lightly spicy. It had so much depth, no jokes. Every scoop was pleasing to my taste buds. It was served with garlic cheesy bread, which was perfect for dipping into the soup.

The combination of the bread and the soup was so good that I had a hard time knowing when to stop. I wanted to just keep reaching for a bite after every scoop. Cheesy garlic-y deliciousness!

Using the crab cracker is always the best part with crabs. you should see my skills.

The portion was good. I took some of it home.

Thoughts I think this is the best of its kind here in Lagos. The food was superb, service was excellent and the staff was friendly and welcoming.

The space has a sitting capacity of about 150 people, so this allows for large group dining, birthday celebrations, business lunch/dinner and corporate group dining. The sitting area outside with the gorgeous view of the sea will make for great chilled evenings.

Not the cheapest, but the quality of food and the total experience more than compensate.

Though I would love to be selfish and keep 788 On The Sea all to myself, this beautiful spot is too good to stay hidden. There is absolutely no doubt I shall be going back.


                                                               788 On The Sea

                                                        Seafood Restaurant

                                            Twinwaters Entertainment Center,

                             Okunde Bluewater Scheme, Off Remi Olowude Street

                                                        Lekki 1, Lagos. Nigeria

                                                        +234 908 007 7221

                                                         12pm – 10: 30pm

                                                 Reservation not compulsory


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