Hi! My name is Uganze Ude Kalu. I’m a Lawyer, a Writer, a Self- proclaimed Foodie with an insatiable appetite. I live in the beautiful city of Lagos, Nigeria.

After years of ‘continuous eating’, I was spurred on to create my own food guide and blog, Yourfoodgeek. It is a food and restaurant blog dedicated to finding culinary adventures.

I enjoy exploring different cultures through the art of food. I’m an ardent lover of all things food, from the highest rated restaurant to the greasy spoon restaurant down the street. In fact, I eat merely to put food out of my mind…. hahaha!

I created Yourfoodgeek in order to build a community of food lovers and to bring people together through my experiences.

Featuring all things food related, you’ll find anything from food photography, restaurant news, food reviews, menu specials, interviews with chefs, culinary events announcement, food photos and everything in between.

According to Robert Capon, the world needs all the food lovers it can get. So join in and enjoy this culinary ride with me…