Cafe Jade, The Very Cool Spot.

Cafe Jade, The Very Cool Spot.

Locating Cafe Jade was a bit of a struggle for me. Forgive me, I don’t use Google Map. Well, not anymore. Not after it ‘led’ me to a certain bridge while trying to locate someplace in Yaba. I couldn’t be more furious! So let’s just say Google Map doesn’t exist on any of my devices. anymore. the end.

To calm down the nagging daze, I was really pleased when I walked into this café and restaurant all rolled into one space. The interior design, the unique picture frames, the choice of furniture, all gave it a very beautiful buzz!

Cafe Jade was originally a café and catering outfit, until early last year when they shut down and focused only on catering. I was surprised to hear that they reopened in December and here they are… a café and bistro!

What I had;

Jade Cooler Cocktail

Made with Ice Tea, Lemon, Ginger Ale, Honey and Irish Whiskey. It was refreshing enough to keep me sane, while I waited for my food. It seemed like the longer I sipped on it, the better it became, as the flavors were clearly given more time to marry.

Lollipop Drumsticks Grilled in Sweet Chili.

This was really a “lollipop”, as the skin attached to the narrow end of the drumstick was clearly separated, and the meat was pushed down the thick end.  This bite-size treat was well spiced and packed a bunch of flavors. It was sweet, yet savory, and the bones were not sticky on my fingers. thank goodness! that thing irks me.

Creamy Chicken Bacon Pasta.

This is a classic dish and as a “pasta girl”, I couldn’t resist it. The sauce was creamy enough to carry the taste of the dish. And the chicken was well seasoned. And oh! The bacon! Truth be told, there’s nothing flashy about this pasta, but it is everything you would want when you need a tasty meal at the end of a busy day.

Café Gourmand.

I think this was the highlight of my meal. While ordering it, it gave me a feeling of mystery and surprise, as the names of the mini desserts were not indicated on the menu, so I was itching to see it. By the way, I find that I pick the best desserts off any menu. don’t try me!

Café Gourmand is a trio of desserts served with espresso. I loved everything about it, from the fact that I could order my dessert and coffee in one go and avoid the need to have to call the waiter over and order (again), to having different desserts in one go without feeling guilty about the calories, as the quantity of each dessert was small. Not to worry, if you’re not a coffee lover, the desserts allow to sweeten the bitterness of the coffee. yeah, they’re looking out for you. hahaha!

I loved it at Cafe Jade. I loved the simplicity of the menu, the amazing flavor each plate delivered and the cozy atmosphere. And the price? Very pocket-friendly. You won’t be digging in deep to have a meal here. trust me.

Cafe Jade can be used for a small party gathering, a quiet workspace, lunch hang out, etc. It can take about 32 people in total (both the cafe and the restaurant).

So tell me, have you been to Cafe Jade? How was your experience?

Cafe Jade

7, Caroline Atounah Street. Lekki.

Lagos, Nigeria.

+ 234 8150605233

Tuesday – Saturday// 10am

Sunday// 11am

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