Chai Tang, The Newest Chinese Nest

Chai Tang, The Newest Chinese Nest

Chai Tang, The Newest Chinese Nest in Lagos.

You already know that the sound of a new spot excites my taste buds. haha! As a food explorer, there was no way I wasn’t going to check this spot out.

It has quite an interesting entrance clad with fine wood, that leads the customers into the restaurant to a reveal of the concept and the entire room. I walked in and my jaw literally dropped. This is such a gorgeous space, I said to myself.  It felt as though I was in an elegant living room.

The name Chai Tang was birthed from the fusion of the syllables “ch” from “Chinese”, “ai” from “thai” and “tang” derived from its meaning, indicating the strong and distinctive flavors of Asia.

CH.                          AI.          TANG

CHINESE.       THAI.          FLAVOR

Chai Tang is nestled in a building known as Twin Waters Entertainment Center, located within the Lekki axis of the city of Lagos. It has several other facilities, including a game spot.

I LOVE the interior set up at Chai Tang. It has a fine mix of traditional and modern Asian style luxury.

It was officially opened on the 19th day of March 2018.

It has a sitting capacity of about 150 persons, with 4 private rooms. There’s a lot you can actually do here. It is set up to accommodate large groups such as family outings, birthday celebrations, and business meetings – there are set menus with the choice of dishes so you can share. It is also a great spot for romantic getaway dinners, lunch meet up with the girls, etc.

What I had

Looking through the Menu, I decided to go for a very simple dish. Nothing overwhelming.

House Special Rice

This is a popular rice dish, the reason I opted for it. It was loaded with pieces of mixed meat, shrimp, and vegetables. The rice was evenly cooked. It was not sticky. I could tell it was cooked with the right amount of heat and water. aarghhhsay no to clumps of rice! The oil content was just about right, not too greasy. It was fresh and steaming hot, right there on the table. yummy!

This is a meal in itself, no need for sauces or sides, but my sheer greediness resulted in me adding an extra side dish – prawns and broccoli! hahaha

Prawns With Broccoli

I loved the simplicity of this dish. It was such a beauty to behold. The broccoli was super fresh and crunchy, just how I like it cooked. Not soggy. And the prawns? It was pink and thoroughly cooked. Tasty too. In all, this was a simple, yet an amazing sauce. I enjoyed eating it together with the special fried rice.

Thoughts: Overall, it was a good time to spend and linger at the cozy Chai Tang. The servers were warm, observant and constantly asked to refill my glass. The food was fresh and tasty and the waiting time was within reason.

The luxurious orient style décor, beautifully overlooking the skyline view of the blue Atlantic Ocean is to die for. I mean, what’s not to love here?!

Cost/Budget: Is it worth the expense for a meal there? Yes. provided you’re not doing that every day. It is pretty pricey, technically, but no more than an upscale restaurant in Lagos.

I shall visit again. definitely.

Have you visited Chai Tang?

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