New Menu: Dim Sum Menu At Shiro Lagos.

New Menu: Dim Sum Menu At Shiro Lagos.

New Menu: Dim Sum Menu At Shiro Lagos.

Developing a new dish for a restaurant menu is not such an easy task, contrary to what one might think. Adding new items to a restaurant menu requires advanced planning. From pricing to preparation, multiple elements must be addressed to guarantee successful changes. Also, the new menu has to be in line with the theme of the restaurant.

Inventing creative dishes is a smart idea only if the restaurant goes about it the right way because customers expect a certain type of cuisine when they come to a restaurant, and surprising them too much can backfire. It is also a way of promoting the restaurant, attracting more customers and of course, increasing sales. wink!

I always get excited when I hear there’s a new menu launch or an addition to an already existing menu at a restaurant. any excuse to eat more food! Imagine my excitement upon hearing that Shiro, one of my favorite restaurants in Lagos, had launched a new menu. A Dim Sum Menu. I couldn’t be more excited!!

Dim Sum which literally means “to touch your heart”, is a style of Chinese/Japanese cuisine that consists of a variety of dumplings and steamed dishes, prepared as small bite-sized portions of food, served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. Dim Sum dishes are usually served with tea and together form a full tea brunch. I didn’t get any tea though.

Looking through the Dim Sum Menu at Shiro, I decided to go for the Sui Mai served with the house special XO dipping sauce. Sui Mai is pronounced as ‘Shumai’. These are small steamed dumplings, but with an open top, typically filled with pork or prawns and vegetables, wrapped in a thin layer of wheat flour. The dough was thoroughly cooked and glossy.

Sui Mai Dim Sum/Velvet Kimono cocktail

As with most small plates dining, the more people you have with you and the more dishes you order, the better your experience will be. I went with my best friend and we both loved it. It was just so delicious. next time I’ll go with my entire village!

In addition to the Sui Mai, we also had Stir Fried Beef/Chicken in a basket with Clay Pot Rice Veg, Hibachi Rice with Mushroom and egg. it was really yummy!! loved it!

It’s always a beautiful dining experience for me at Shiro, from the ambiance to the servers, to the food, etc. I always love it there.

What did we drink? Velvet Kimono cocktail and Demerara Fig Mojito.

Cost? I couldn’t help but notice that the prices of the different Dim Sum dishes were pocket-friendly. I’m talking N3,800 and even less. 

The new menu at Shiro is worth exploring. You should go have some Dim Sum!



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