House Cafe : The Three In One Spot That Lagos Needs

House Cafe : The Three In One Spot That Lagos Needs

House Cafe: The Three In One Spot That Lagos Needs

As your favorite food explorer, I spend my leisure days scouring the city in search of restaurants we all need to know about. But every now and then, I find a great place that was right in front of me the entire time. I mean, I literally saw this spot come together but never thought it was going to be    “The Restaurant”. For every time I drove past this spot I simply wondered what was going on there.

House Cafe is a neighborhood restaurant in Lekki that feels like a big hang out with friends that involves different types of food. At first glance, one would wonder what part of the building to head to, but that changes pretty quickly as you walk right in and discover that House Café has three different compartments that deliver three different culinary experiences, all catered to your preference and palate.

House Cafe has the BACIO ITALIA, which caters to the Italian cuisines – from pizzas to pasta, etc. There is the MOCCA, which is the functional café in the building with coffee infused beverages and then there is the LIFESTYLE, which is where this particular post is centered on.

The Lifestyle space, which caters to American and European dishes has a sitting capacity of about 64 people, making it a great spot for a great crowd.

One can easily tell that the interior was clearly inspired by the ancient Egyptian motifs and richly decorated artifacts.

What We Had        

House Café Signature Salad

We can find a salad in a lot of restaurants but we are going to be driving all the way to Admiralty, Lekki just for this one. The menu lists out the avocado, mixed greens, chicken, almond classic vinaigrette, but I still don’t know how it tasted so good. I will accept the miracle. This salad was light, yet satisfying. You can spot the veggies peaking through – fresh and crunchy.  The dressing was rich, creamy and tasty.

Spanish Octopus

As with my usual custom, I never go for your regular dishes on any menu. what type of food explorer would I be?  So little wonder that I went for this smoky braised Octopus dish, served with crusty roasted potatoes. Yes, you read it, OCTOPUS! This is definitely not your pretty looking dish, but the taste more than compensate – the octopus was perfectly cooked. You might need to specifically request that it should be made a little spicier if you’re a spicy food bug like myself. It was an interesting dish, I must admit.

Drinks On You

There is something for everyone on the drinks Menu. The menu caters to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink lovers. No one misses out in the fun.


For all the avid Mocktail fans like myself, we can still have all our fancy glasses, flavors and fun, like this one right here with the fresh slice of passion fruit. nom nom 

Berry Fizz

This sparkling wine and fresh strawberry-based cocktail served in a champagne flute, hit the right spot. I think the ladies will love this even more.

What I won’t stop talking about?

The Beef Oxtail!!!

This Beef Oxtail braised with root vegetables in a pointage sauce is to die for, literally. First, it was the presentation – it was top notch! Nothing beats a great food presentation in a restaurant. It is as essential to the success of the dish as its taste and flavor.

This richly browned oxtail was perfectly cooked and so tender that the meat came off the bones so easily. The sauce was really tasty – spicy, actually. They didn’t hold back on the spice on this one, and for that, I was very grateful. This dish was a pure comfort and a required order. You won’t realize how many badly cooked Oxtail you have had until you eat this one here at House Café.


House Café (Lifestyle) is a visually impressive space and when you throw in its fantastic food and environment, it is really an exciting spot. It is that special occasion restaurant you use when you get a promotion at work or when it is your best friend’s birthday.

This space gradually transforms into a pretty lounge as the evening beckons, with the cocktails and mocktails coming through.

The cost of the meals here will not drive up your check, that it hurts. I mean, you can ball out at House Café and still feel responsible. 

I shall be hanging out here more often. You need to go check it out!

Have you heard about House Cafe?


House Cafe

12 Victoria Arobieke Street

Lekki 1

Lagos, Nigeria

                                                                                                                                                               01 2777290

11am – 11pm

Reservation not compulsory

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