Sabor : The Cool Copper Spot

Sabor : The Cool Copper Spot

Sabor: The Copper Spot

Sabor is a Spanish word for “flavor” and for the people of Sabor Restaurant, this name was birthed out of the sheer need to bring flavors and tastes together from different cultures and create a great culinary experience for diners.

Sabor is a modern fusion restaurant that offers an upscale casual dining experience.

Officially opened its door for business on the 18th of January, 2018 and located on the buzzing street of Adeola Hopewell, Victoria Island, Lagos, where you find different buildings, a lot of people walking across the road, cars honking, etc. but don’t let that fool you – this place is all about comfort as you walk in. I think it’s one of those simply cute places everyone wishes they had around the corner of their apartments.

Listen, I know “less is more” may sound like a cliché (eyes rolling) but the minimalist approach embraced in the décor/design in Sabor helps to express only the most essential features of the space. and nothing more.

The infusion of the rustic copper trend into the space, from the furniture to the bar, and also to the cutlery sets gives the space an elegant eco-friendly feeling. And oh! the washroom is super gorgeous. You can literally have a meal in there. covers face. 

The restaurant/dining area has a sitting capacity of about 50 people, while the terrace (not pictured) can accommodate 30 people.  

What I had,

Rosemary Gin Fizz

Not sure why I always feel the need to start with a drink. Somewhere in my head, a little voice says to me it ensures my dining experience starts and ends with the highest notes.

I think of it as a stage-setter that not only relaxes my mood but also stimulates my appetite and preps my palate for what’s to come. ghen ghen!!  On the real though, cocktails make for good beginnings especially if they are well formulated and it is on that note that I will urge you to have this Rosemary Gin Fizz the next time you walk into Sabor.

Surf & Turf Flat Bread

This one is an easy crowd-pleaser. I mean, how else do you describe lobster, beef fillet, an ooey-gooey cheese bread? tell me. The greens.. fresh. The size is big enough for sharing, so a pairing game sounds alright to you, right? I know.

This is great with a friend on a proper weekend of sloth-like shuffling around the city, with nothing else to do other than restaurant hopping. It has a chili taste that gives a “hot” buzz and a balance.

If you’re here with someone who is very skeptical about anything to do with bread, you should order this.

Seafood & Chorizo Paella

Not everyone can make a Paella dish because it requires a lot of patience, else it ends up a crunchy mess. bruhh but this is one dish I will actually advise you to order here. One of those dishes you take a bite of and you immediately start strategizing on how to get the Chef to give you some more.

It’s ideal for two or even more people, depending on how much your belly can take. Don’t worry, I see you grub!

This tasty paella has a bit of everything. It is flavorsome and colorful. The Chorizo adds some really flavourable fat which goes excellently with the rest of the ingredients. I was tempted to eat straight from the pan, but I wasn’t about to give it a scratch.


Here’s what you should also try,

Crab Fritters


From the cocktails to the large bites and to the mains – fare is average. Not a “pocket killer” spot.

Thoughts Asides the location, which I find somewhat too busy, Sabor is a memorable place with good quality food. It has a smart concept and a savvy service. It is worth recommending.

Yes, I shall visit again.



14 Adeola Hopewell Street, Victoria Island

Lagos, Nigeria

+ 234 81 889 40000

Tuesdays – Sundays

Reservations not mandatory


33 thoughts on “Sabor : The Cool Copper Spot”

  • I’d love to try the paella and the crab fritters, and the bread…oh well, everything. I don’t mind minimalist when done right and this looks inviting. great post as always

  • I always like to start with a drink too…I feel my dinner or lunch won’t go well if I don’t lol 😂 I’m definitely trying the Seafood and Chorizo Paella when I visit. I’m all for minimalist decor/design….well its time to pay Sabor Lagos a Visit

  • You have completely sold the restaurant “sabor” to me. I would love to experience their tasty meals and did I mention, the ambience is er’thing. It’s obvious whoever created this beautiful space thought it through. It’s simply beautiful.

  • I love Sabor Lagos and their food.. Great Ambiance too.The fact that I don’t have to call for reservations does it for me.. Cool place.. I will recommend too.

  • I love every thing about Sabor , it is a place every one should visit , the food(taste is wow) , the ambience , there staff 👌, every romantic story should have Sabor in there story , ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭

  • A must Visit , upon my next trip to Lagos….. Thumbs up YourfoodGeek. You’ve given the hospitality industry a different dimension but I think your exploration should go beyond Lagos. You can start with Uyo, Port-harcourt , Abuja….. Kudo

  • I don’t know about the seafood dish but I’d definitely try the crab fritters and the sum’n-sum’n-flat bread one. Lol. I was admiring the furniture unsure of what it was that made me love it so…then I read ‘copper’ in your text and looked again. Voila, it’s beautiful! Great review as always, you’re so good at this now, boo 👌👏👏

  • Now this description of food has got me salivating…. Sabor it is on my next trip… Can’t get paella out of my head now

  • Great review! I’ve added this to my bucket of restaurants. The list keeps growing. Thanks to yourfoodgeek. Just when I thought I had seen it all, yourfoodgeek reminds me that I haven’t scratched the surface. Keep it up!

  • Awesome review! Wish I could write like this! Feels like I was there with you. lol I love the fact that it’s really simple. I’ll try the flat bread next time I visit.

  • One visit and you are hooked. I still haven’t found a better place with the class, taste, presentation and Price point! I have told too many people to try Sabor out. Just as good as any 5 Star Resturant

  • Wow……fantastic write-up!
    SABOR has been added to my list of restaurants to visit.
    I look forward to the mouth watering “Seafood & Chorizo Paella” . Thanks to yourfoodgeek
    Keep it up!

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