SAFI Lagos

SAFI Lagos

SAFI Lagos

I love the fact that restaurants are beginning to adopt the minimalist approach in the interior design of their spaces. I think it is safe to say that the minimalist design is making a come back in the restaurant industry, as we are beginning to see a lot it lately.

These were my exact thoughts as I walked into SAFI Lagos.

Located at OlaDimeji Close, Off Freedom Way, Lekki, Lagos State, SAFI Lagos is a fusion restaurant inspired by African diaspora cuisine.

The name “SAFI” was inspired by the Tanzanian slang which means “take it easy”. It represents the essence of what they intend to achieve with the restaurant.

With a sitting capacity of about 30 people, SAFI Lagos is a cool spot for lunch meetups, quiet business meetings and weekend hang out. It has its Happy Hours on Thursdays, where all the cocktails and starters are sold at greatly discounted prices. They have a Sunday brunch party coming up soon.

What I had,

Gizdo Tostones 

No pretense, I’m not a fan of gizzard so I have never been thrilled by the popular dish, “Gizdodo” which sometimes is always a staple in most Nigerian homes and even parties, but I’m always willing to try and accommodate.. rolling my eyes. So my choice for this dish was really out of mere curiosity and nothing more. I think the name did the magic.

Here’s what I found interesting about this dish: the presentation!! It was uniquely put together that for a second I started wondering if it was still the popular Gizdodo that I was staring at. Tomato based gizzard chunks in plantain cups? That was different! Having a scoop of the plantain and the tomato gizzard mix was gooey and chewy. Surprisingly, I liked it. Ye lovers of Gizdodo would love it even more.

Cajun Shrimp Mac n Cheese

The regular baked mac and cheese is already a great dish if done right, but the addition of Cajun shrimp makes it sound all interesting.

I like shrimp, and looking at the menu and seeing this, I thought that shrimp would be a great pairing for a creamy mac and cheese dish, but I also wondered if it would be spicy enough to add a kick to the creamy cheesy dish. It turned out really fine. Well spiced. Not overpowering.

I like how the shrimp is nestled into the macaroni and is covered in a thick cheese sauce, together with the breadcrumb. It tasted really delicious.

I think this delicious spin to the classic mac and cheese dish is a big hit with anyone who loves flavor and all that breadcrumb topping! I intend to try this out at home but with a different pasta. say penne?

Here’s what I can’t keep quiet about,

Plantain Lasagna

This is a combination of sweet and savory, with spiced beef, sandwiched in gorgeous layers of plantain, and topped with cheese! have I gotten your attention now? haha!

This tomato base minced beef sandwiched in layers of plantain and topped with mozzarella cheese was actually the highlight of my dining experience. It was beautifully tasty! wow

I loved the texture, clearly, their choice of plantain was not overly ripe as it didn’t fall apart and also didn’t soak up tons of oil. brilliant!

I tell you, this dish will succeed in expanding your plantain taste buds! yesssss


I love the location of this spot. SAFI Lagos is a small intimate space, nicely tucked away from the hustle and bustle exercise in Lekki. There is also a homely feeling that comes with the dining experience here, so one gets really comfortable eating here. I like their choice of simple dishes on the menu. The Menu is one that has something for everyone.


This is the best part. The prices of the dishes at SAFI Lagos are super pocket-friendly. You won’t be breaking a bank or digging deep into your pocket to have a meal here. not at all, baby!

I shall visit SAFI Lagos again. most definitely.




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