The Backyard: A Restaurant You Want to Stay In

The Backyard: A Restaurant You Want to Stay In

The Backyard (Bar & Grill): A Restaurant You Want To Stay In

It may have taken a while for the food at The Backyard (Bar & Grill) to get to my mouth, but I think I have found a pretty spot.

You will agree with me by now that the city of Lagos does not suffer from a shortage of impressive restaurants. I mean, since the beginning of the year alone, we have witnessed the openings of different types of restaurants.

I recently took the time to go check out The Backyard (Bar & Grill). Few months after opening, The Backyard has grown into one of the best spots to gather, have a meal and have fun.

As with my custom when reviewing a restaurant, I try to hold discussions surrounding the names of the restaurants. And I find in most cases, that the names truly represent what the restaurants stand for, or at least, a part of it. Take The Backyard, whose name is fantastically straightforward. A backyard is an area of land at the back of a house. The Backyard is an appropriate name in the most direct sense for a spot with such a lovely space. So, yes, the space truly birthed the name, “The Backyard”.

The Backyard.


Best Backdrop in Lagos. #myopinion

Looking through the menu, eager to discover something new and exciting for my palette, I decided to begin my gastronomic adventure here with a cocktail, listed as “Get A Head”. Trust me, I know what you’re already thinking and I thought the same too! So relax!  This is a beautiful blend of Sauvignon blanc, Vodka, Fresh Watermelon, Gomme syrup, Fresh lemon juice and Swoosh soda water. It tasted real good.

Get A Head.

I tried a few dishes and here’s how they turned out,

For my starter, I had the Fried Calamari served with my choice of dip, the Tartar sauce.

This battered deep-fried calamari was such a delight. I love squid in all its forms but none is more addictive than the deep-fried version most commonly known as Calamari. It was nicely cooked contrary to a few I have eaten, which was not as good, and I was forced to compare them to rubber bands. I enjoyed eating the Fried Calamari at The Backyard, the taste was great (not that calamari really needs much more to keep me interested.) And the beautiful pairing with the Tartar dip was brilliant. I loved that they got the rough consistency of the Tartar sauce.

Fried Calamari with Tartar Sauce.

Next, I had the Roasted Lamb Leg.

This is herb crusted lamb leg served with mashed potatoes, broccoli and gravy. For me, when it comes to Lamb meat, roasting is best for more tender pieces like the rack or the leg of the lamb. I thought this was well roasted as it had a brown color and a moist interior.

The mashed potato which was warm, creamy and velvety, together with the crunchy, vibrant green broccoli (obviously not over cooked) made a beautiful mix with the Lamb Leg.  Loved it!

Roasted Lamb Leg

Here’s what I can’t shut up about: The Backyard Wings.

Yes, we have all seen wings before, but here there’s a different twist of suya mix to it. They are not your regular wings. These are tangy grilled wings served with a yogurt dip. It has an excellent flavor and it is cooked to precision. The yogurt dip creates a beautiful balance on your taste bud, with the not so hot spice from the suya mix.

The Backyard Wings.

Here’s what else to order at The Backyard Bar & Grill

The Ceasar’s Salad! This is fresh romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, parmesan cheese shavings basted in The Backyard’s special Caesar dressing. One word, YUMMY.

Caesar’s Salad.

None of these dishes looked new, but they all tasted new and that’s the genius of The Backyard and its chef. The ingredients used were clearly good and I could tell there was a lot of technical skill and experience involved.

The service experience was very slick, with the wait staff very attentive. So you are definitely getting something for your money.

I believe The Backyard is really worth a visit. It has an all round friendly user space. There’s pretty much nothing you can’t do there, be it a business lunch meet up, lunch/dinner date, family outing, girl’s night out, etc. Also, there is enough safe space for the kids to play around in. And oh! The very famous swing!

The famous swing


The Backyard (Bar & Grill)

4B Musa Yar’adua Street, Victoria Island

 Lagos. Nigeria.

 +234 907700 2000/3000/5000

 Tuesday – Sunday

 Reservations not mandatory



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