Yourfoodgeek Explores Circa Lagos

Yourfoodgeek Explores Circa Lagos

Yourfoodgeek Explores Circa Lagos.

The word “circa” is a proposition that is placed before or that precedes a certain year, time or era.

The word is used in front of a particular year or time, to show an approximate date/time that something happened.

You will agree with me that in recent time, the city of Lagos has been experiencing a “revolution” in terms of food and restaurants. The name ‘Circa Lagos’ was birthed by the owners, as an affirmation of the present era of the appreciation of real gastronomy in Lagos – Circa Lagos!

Located at Kola Adeyina Close, Off Jerry Iriabe, Lekki, Lagos State, is this modern cuisine restaurant, with a sitting capacity of about 30 – 40 people, making it a great spot for a moderate crowd. Their menu spans from breakfast to lunch and dinner options.

Circa Lagos has a thoughtful and unique interior design, which is important in getting customers through the door – yes, quality food AND convenience will always get a restaurant really far!

I think they did an excellent job of balancing textures, colors and style in their space, from the statement lighting, the frames on the wall, to the warm brown wood. The design is minimal, yet it speaks so much volume.

What I had,

Chicken Yassa (served with steamed rice)

I have always been skeptical about Chicken Yassa after learning it contains a lot of onions. I was like, good grief, all that onion?! But I’m glad I took a leap of faith and tried it because it turned out delicious. Some of the onions melted into the sauce, while the other pieces remained intact and gave the dish a bit of texture. The onions totally make the dish, but for me, it has to go with the pepper sauce. 

Chicken Ballotine (on a bed stir-fried vermicelli )

So this was the highlight of my dining experience at Circa Lagos. It looked really impressive when it was served, sitting on the stir-fried vermicelli noodles.

This stuffed chicken with all the veggies and mushrooms was oh so yummy! I kid you not. It was well cooked. I think it’s a winning dish on their menu. I enjoyed it wholeheartedly.


I’m in love with this spot and the fact that it is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night drinks! yes, you heard it!  You’ll see me hanging out here often, especially because I won’t be able to stay away from that cocktail called Okoloko. don’t ask me what it means! haha 

Cost/ Budget

The prices of the dishes at Circa Lagos are not neck breaking, they’re pretty pocket-friendly and the portions are alright. You can pretty much have anything on the menu with the sum of N8,000

So tell me, have you heard about Circa Lagos? Have been to Circa Lagos?


Circa Lagos 

Contemporary Restaurant / Bar/ Outdoor Lounge

2 Kola Adeyeina Close, off Jerry Iriabe Street

Lekki 1, Lagos Nigeria 

+ 234 809 313 3330

10am – 11pm 

Reservation not compulsory 

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