Yourfoodgeek Explores Restaurant Week

Yourfoodgeek Explores Restaurant Week

Yourfoodgeek Explores Restaurant Week.

Restaurant Week season is that time you forget your diet (well, at least temporarily), put the calorie counting machine on hold and enjoy all the food that you can lay your hands on, at a discounted price. I honestly think it’s the best time of the year for foodies like me. and you.  I mean, who doesn’t like a good deal? especially when it comes to fine dining!

I couldn’t wait to try all the gourmet goodies that Lagos chefs had prepared for this event. I tell you, I was ready to chow down on the finest food!

During Restaurant Week, participating restaurants select an array of fixed-price meals that exemplify their cuisines and serve it for the period. The primary aim of the event is to encourage the community to support local restaurant businesses, explore the restaurant scene and eat the best meals at the discounted sum.

To get started on restaurant week, here are a few tips that worked for me and I got the most out of my Restaurant Week experience, using them;

  • Look through the dates of the event to enable you plan and decide what days work best for you.
  • Check out the participating restaurants and their menus.
  • Select a restaurant you have never been to before. Try someplace new. instead of sticking to your “old faithful” spot!
  • Take advantage of the discount and go for a menu/dish that gives you “value” for the little sum you’re paying. hahaha! In fact, I think it’s safer to advise that you select your restaurant based on the menu. Yup! It’s not every day you get fine dining on a budget. But don’t go scratching number 3 in a hurry. Wink!
  • Make reservations well ahead of time.
  • Go for lunch. If you go during lunch time, you have a better chance of cutting through the crowd that generally accompany restaurant week. #myopinion
  • Go with a friend. Food is better enjoyed with company. I can’t say this enough.
  • Stick to the plan. The menus are prix fixe, so substitutions are generally not allowed.
  • Go with your Visa Card for payment.
  • Tip well. While the meals are discounted, your server is still doing just as much work, as they would with a full priced meal. be nice.

I was excited to have received two vouchers, courtesy of Lost In Lagos team and Visa Africa, the organizers and sponsors of the Restaurant Week, and for my first restaurant, I selected Samantha’s Bistro.

Samantha’s Bistro, which is named after the owner, Samantha Dumebi Agbakoba, is located within the axis of Ikoyi. They opened their door to the city of Lagos in October 2015. It has a pretty sitting capacity of 100 people, for dining and cocktail parties. It was my first time at Samantha’s Bistro, and looking through the Lunch menu, I knew it was a great offer. yes, I love bargains on food.

For my starter, I had Pate’ Bruschetta, for my main course I had Yellow Rice with Oxtail Curry and for dessert, I had Crumble and Ice Cream. All these for the sum of N7,000.00

Regular Price: Pate’ Bruschetta – N2000

Yellow Rice + Oxtail Curry – N5000

Crumble + Ice Cream – N3000

Sadly, I got carried away by the food and only remembered to take pictures of the dessert. I know. it sucks. blame it on the food. it was that good. 

On the second day, I made a stop at Gurunar’s Viceroy Restaurant. This is a fine dining Indian and Continental Restaurant that launched in April 2012. It is located on the busy street of Akin Adesola, Victoria Island. They have a banquet and conference hall and have the ability to cater to an outdoor event too.

Going through the Restaurant Week Menu, I had the Kandhari Chicken, for my starter. For my main course, I had Butter Chicken with Steamed Rice, and for dessert, I had Brownie and Ice Cream.  All these sumptuous meals for a whooping sum of N7000

Khandari Chicken


Butter Chicken


Butter Chicken, Steamed Rice, Khandari Chicken


Brownie and Ice Cream

Regular Price: Khandari Chicken – N3200

Butter Chicken – N3800

Steamed Rice – N1500

Brownie & Ice Cream – N2500

For my last spot, I went to Hardrock Café. Hardrock Café has always been an all-time favorite for me, long after they scored a beautiful spot in 2015. It’s a rock ‘n’ roll-themed chain, serving burgers and American classics.

For my starter, I had Cobb Salad. For my main course, I had Pasta Arrabiata – Chicken/Vegetarian. you already know I love pasta. And for my dessert, I had Fresh Apple Cobbler. All for the sum of N7000. My friend, on the other hand, had Santa Fe Spring Rolls for her starter, Herb Grilled Chicken with Mashed Potato as her main course. For dessert, she had Fresh Apple Cobbler.

Cobb Salad + Santa Fe Spring Rolls


Herb Grilled Chicken with Mashed Potato


Pasta Arrabiata with Chicken


come dine with me.


Fresh Apple Cobbler

Regular price: Santa Fe Spring Rolls – N4500

Cobb Salad – N4800

Pasta Arrabiata – N4500 + Chicken – N1500 = N6000

Herb Grilled Chicken – N6600

Fresh Apple Cobbler – N4400

I think it’s pretty obvious that I had the most fun and got the best food bargain at Hardrock Café. I mean, just look at ALL THAT discount! wow

At this juncture, I know you’re already wondering why you didn’t take advantage of the Restaurant Week and explored all the goodness that came with it. Not to worry, next year is here already, and I’m sure you won’t miss it for anything.

Now tell me… did you hear about the Restaurant Week? Did you go to any of the 37 participating restaurants? Do you think you got a good food bargain? Going from my experience, are you looking forward to the next restaurant week? Kindly share your thoughts with me in the comment section.



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